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CNC Turning Services

When needing precision computer numerical controlled (CNC) turned components made quickly and with high-quality results, look to JD Machine.

Our CNC turning services are performed on advanced equipment by expert technicians allowing us to manufacture parts that meet the most exacting needs and specifications, while reducing both costs and lead times.

cnc turning service

What is CNC Turning?

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) turning begins by holding material in the chuck or collet of a CNC lathe machine, where it is rotated at high speeds while being cut into an appropriate shape. The metal is rotated at various speeds, and the cutting tool moves in specific paths to cut and turn the material into the desired, high precision part (a subtractive manufacturing process).

The process of CNC Turning allows JD Machine to create components that are straight, conical, curved or grooved. Our turning centers also have 4 axis milling capabilities, so projects are not limited in scope. Each material has an ideal set of tools, developed through programming and a validation process, to create the most cost effective and efficient manufacturing process possible.

cnc turning service

Why Choose CNC Turning?

CNC turning services are necessary for a wide range of industries. When producing a large quantity of concentric parts, this process is generally the most cost- and time-effective option. Some builds may be so large that they require thousands of turned pieces, and in such cases the time and costs saved with CNC turning are considerable.

The complex designs of many projects require components that are manufactured to exacting requirements. When done right, CNC turning centers help to ensure that prepared parts interact and fit together with greater precision and accuracy, improving performance and outcomes. And with JD Machine, our team of experts work to get it right, every time. No matter the intended result, our turning process gives you identical parts that work together seamlessly.

What Types of Materials Can Be CNC Turned?

Due to the nature of CNC turning, practically any solid, sturdy material can be turned. More common materials include stainless steel, tungsten, nickel-based alloys, high temp alloys, carbon steel, aluminum, magnesium, brass, copper, bronze, along with hard plastics such as nylon and PTFE.

Determining the best material for a given project depends on many factors, including strength, weight, corrosiveness, workability, appearance and cost. JD Machines team of experts are well-versed in handling a variety of materials and help our clients to make the best choice for superior results.

Does Your Part Need CNC Turning?

When determining whether your parts need CNC turning, we look at a variety of factors. Some of those include how many components you’ll need in the short- and long-term. If you need a high volume of parts quickly, CNC turning machine is a great option. Another factor is the size of the part needed. Smaller parts can be manufactured in quick succession, but larger parts may require more time and individual handling.

In general, cylindrical parts with an outer diameter (OD) of 12” (30.48 cm) are well suited for CNC turning at JD Machine. Other considerations will include quantities, material, size, design, features and budget.

cnc turning service

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To determine whether CNC turning process is right for your next project surface finish, click here get a quote for your next project. Or contact us today. Our team of experts will gladly review your project specifications and help to determine the best and most cost-effective productions methods.