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Mission Statement

JD Machine is a world class manufacturer of precision machined and fabricated components and assemblies. We are our customers’ first choice through unequaled quality, service, value and performance.

Our company is built for long-term strength. We continually improve our company through operational excellence and ongoing investments in our team, systems, equipment and facilities.

We work to improve the lives of the JD team. Our core values are:

Team focused and loyal
Hard working and tenacious
Respect for everyone
Integrity in all that we do
Value-contributing daily
Education for life

We strive to have a positive impact on our community and industry by giving back. We continuously work to minimize our operation’s impact on the environment.


The leadership of JD Machine combines decades of diverse experience and knowledge. This experience enables us to achieve the highest level of success in our industry. The management team is constantly looking for innovative ways to partner with our customers and suppliers. This group, along with our talented and trained team members, makes JD Machine a valuable long-term partner.


Since 1979, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with high quality manufacturing services. We continue to grow and expand our capabilities in order to better serve our customers’ needs.


We are located in Ogden, Utah. Our world-class facility, completed in 2009, is designed to support our product quality and flow with minimal environmental impact. We currently occupy 70K square feet with room for expansion.

  • Climate controlled manufacturing area
  • Quality area has stringent temperature and humidity control
  • Dedicated assembly room
  • High output lighting throughout facility
  • Energy efficient building design, lighting, HVAC, and air compressors
  • Clean and organized plant through strict adherence to the principles of 5S