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CNC Machining

Here at JD Machine, we offer a wide range of CNC machining capabilities.

Through a variety of advanced technologies, and U.S. Department of Labor Certified Journey-level Machinists and Apprentices, we are able to handle even the most complex production runs. When it comes to tight tolerances and precision, our CNC machining capabilities are the solution.

Our team of experienced machining professionals utilizes CAD/CAM and CNC program simulation software to start the process. We also have the latest in milling, turning, fabrication and testing equipment to get every job done according to exact customer specifications. The combination of our skilled team members, extensive experience and top-of-the-line machines provides the highest quality possible at competitive prices.

JD Machine employee working with CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining?

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computerized, automated cutting tools to create products, typically from plastic or metal materials. Each type of CNC machine moves in a different way to perform unique cuts or processes.

JD Machine has talented machinists who operate our CNC equipment, and programmers who develop the processes with them. These programmers input all design information into our CAD/CAM software, which tells the machines how to cut, turn or mill each piece of material into a final component.

We offer the following different machining capabilities, based on your job specifications:

cnc turning technology

CNC Turning

We use only the latest and greatest technology for our CNC turning. Our dual-spindle, multi-turret CNC turning centers, with 4-axis capability, mean that we turn raw materials into final product in one quick process.

We use CNC turning to design and produce parts that are straight, conical, curved or grooved. No matter the complexity of a desired component, our lathes cut and turn the material with precision.

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CNC Milling

When it comes to custom-designed components with tight tolerances, our CNC milling machines form complex 3D shapes using 4- and 5-axis capabilities. This multi-axis milling allows for more versatile products, and it makes accuracy and repeatability easier. This functionality makes milling the ideal option for prototypes and we can complete production runs with high-volume output.

Even parts with varying geometries are possible with this process. We often use CNC milling on components that require curves, slots, angled shapes, holes and channels. Our machines can cut a wide range of materials, including steel, titanium, aluminum and hard plastics.

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What Industries Utilize CNC Machining?

JD Machine produces parts and components for many different industries, but the main areas we serve are
aerospace, communication, defense, energy, medical, mining and nuclear.

We are known for world-class quality and our team members have the experience and training necessary to reach the highest of expectations within these critical industries.

CNC machining for the production

What Are the Advantages of CNC Machining?

Choosing CNC machining for the production of your parts comes with several advantages, including the experience of our machinists, our sophisticated equipment and our commitment to a fast turnaround. We never create a product without extensive quality testing, especially if it’s a high-volume production order. Our in-house mechanical assembly and testing helps to ensure that the produced workpiece meets all specifications—ours and our customers.

Choose JD Machine for Industry-Leading CNC Machining

At JD Machine, we make it a point to collaborate closely with our customers to manufacture the best products possible. With over 40 years in the industry, we have learned what our customers expect and we make it a point to meet and exceed those expectations. When you need CNC machining, contact JD Machine to get you started.