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JD Machine’s team of world-class engineers, engineer technicians and machinists has experience developing the best manufacturing process for niche parts—such as those used in the nuclear industry. Our customers take heart in knowing every step of production will be highly monitored and tailored to their specific needs.



The first customer JD Machine had, and still serves, is in the communication industry. As an industry that has a worldwide impact every day, we understand the need for customized solutions and are here to partner with our customers. Our CNC Machining, Sheet Metal and Assembly departments work closely together to fulfill our customer’s varied needs.



JD Machine is AS9100D registered, enabling us to serve the high-end markets of commercial and private aerospace industry. We offer customized, flexible and creative solutions that allow our customers to quickly make adjustments to their products as needed. Our services are based on a model of continuous improvement in aerospace machining and manufacturing. And our precision components are manufactured from various aerospace-grade materials, such as titanium, aluminum and high-grade plastics.



The energy industry has many unique needs regarding development and product testing. As a contract manufacturer, JD Machine takes parts from “cradle to grave.” We work with our customers through the prototyping process, material testing and rapid tooling to deliver large volumes.



JD Machine has been committed to an ISO13485-compliant quality management system for more than 20 years. This enables us to better serve the medical device industry, which demands high-quality, precision components in medical implants and devices manufacturing to help save lives. We take great pride in collaborating with our customers in the medical industry to help produce these life-saving products. Contacts us today to see how we can help you manufacture your medical components.



At JD Machine, we pride ourselves on producing complex parts and components to support the defense of our great country. Defense industry products require a certain level of quality and discretion. Our ERP system, real-time metrics and ITAR compliance ensure we are hitting all of our goals. Every component manufactured at JD Machine receives meticulous monitoring to guarantee precision, providing excellent quality for our customers.



Mining has been crucial to worldwide economics for centuries. We support the mining industry by offering custom parts and solutions. We understand the industry’s unique demands and are here to collaborate with our customers to make sure their needs are being met or exceeded.