JD Awarded as a “Manufacturing Hero”

November 18, 2016

JD Machine is a 37-year-old family-owned machine shop where they do a lot for the industry. Their business practices caught the eye of Grainger, who just recognized them as a Manufacturing Hero.

Grainger recognizes customers who contribute greatly to the culture of American manufacturing by bringing the celebration to them – literally. Grainger asks their sellers to recognize organizations that are building America by challenging them to find customers who are “Manufacturing Heroes.” This is an opportunity to recognize customers genuinely engaged in building the manufacturing community in this country.

According to Grainger, “Manufacturing Hero” companies may be:
• Working around the clock to build their business
• Dedicated to keeping employees safe and healthy
• Supporting work study programs at a high school or college to help build the next generation of manufacturers
• Asking employees to make sacrifices or concessions to keep doors open
• Creating a culture of giving within their communities
…Or all of the above!

“They are connected with many of the local colleges where they offer full apprenticeships
where the college student can get on the job paid training while they learn and work.” Said Casebolt. “As they do this, they will also earn 2 years’ worth of college credit. When the college student graduates they should be a journeyman machinist. This not only helps the college student it helps get more machinists out in the industry.”
Aaron Casebolt, Grainger account manager noticed big things at JD Machine and nominated them for this great award.